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JK Lasers was established in Rugby (UK) by Ron Burbeck and Dr. James Wright in 1972 making it a pioneer in the industrial laser industry.  The company produced a range of pulsed lasers using ruby and subsequently Nd:Glass and Nd:YAG technology for many industrial applications including cutting, welding, drilling, cladding and marking.

In 1982, Lumonics Corp. of Canada acquired JK Lasers and in 1999 merged with General Scanning of the US to form GSI Lumonics Corp.  Under GSI’s ownership, the JK and Lumonics brands of lasers were combined into one business unit called the GSI Laser Group.  The company continued to innovate and penetrate markets as diverse as medical device, automotive, telecom and aerospace.

In 2007, GSI sold the Lumonics brand and reintroduced the JK Lasers brand to industry as a stand-alone division.  In 2012, the JK Lasers division of GSI was sold to SPI Lasers (a division of the Trumpf Group).  All formerly JK Lasers are now rebranded as SPI products.

Directed Light maintains a large inventory of replacement parts for all makes of JK and GSI Lumonics Lasers and can provide service and repair throughout North America.



Part Number Cross Reference Charts for JK and GSI Lumonics Lasers:

JK Lasers-JK702 spares, parts and lamps

JK Lasers-JK703 spares, parts and lamps

JK Lasers-JK704 spares, parts and lamps

GSI Lumonics Multiwave spares, parts and lamps

GSI Lumonics Lightwriter parts, spares and lamps

GSI Lumonics Luxstar parts, spares and lamps

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