JK704 =

High Performance 

Deep Penetration Drilling

Precise and Powerful Cutting and Welding

JK704 Process Flexibility
The JK704 laser combines 20kW peak power with low-divergence (LD) resonator optics to generate a high-intensity laser spot.  Guaranteed top-level performance for a variety of activities, including:

Turnkey Machines
The laser can be fitted to an array of standard or customized turnkey multi-axis machining centers.  Details provided upon request.

Although the JK700 Series are Class IV/4 lasers, when they are augmented with safety enclosures they can be compared to Class I/1 Safety Standards.


       Standard Laser Fixtures


  • Laser Head
  • Pre-aligned Optics
  • Ceramic Reflectors
  • Quick Change Flashlamps
  • High-Speed Process Shutter
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Diagnostics
  • Pulse shaping
  • Single/Multipulse Selection
  • Modular Power Supply
  • Integrated Cooling
  • IP55/NEMA 12 Sealing
  • Color Coded LD Optics
  • RS232 Interface

Laser Options


  • CNC Interface
  • HeNe Laser*1
  • CCD Camera
  • Remote Shutter Control
  • Machining Head
  • Trepanning Head
  • Galvanometer Head
  • Single Fiber
  • Energy Share Fibers
  • Time Share Fibers
  • Combined E-T Fibers
  • Fast Time-Share Fibers


Laser Specifications

Service Requirements

Directed Light Components Cross Reference Data Sheet
GSI Lumonics JK704 Pulsed YAG  
Description OEM P/N DLI P/N
Lamp, 704 (Xenon) P55F3830B LMP-11012
Flow Tubes
Flow Tube, Rod, Samarium 12240610A FLT-14032
Flow Tube, Rod, Pyrex 12240010A FLT-11727
Rod,  704, 3/8″ x 6-1/4″, unmounted 12250220A ROD-10722
Rod, 704, 3/8″ x 6-1/4″, Repair/Exchange n/a ROD-11670
Rod, 704, 3/8″ x 6-1/4″, Rework n/a ROD-10650
Output Mirror 12230020A YMR-11720
Rear Mirror 12220020A YMR-11718
#1 Bend Mirror P62B6270A YMR-11788
Dichroic Mirror, 3″ diameter x .375″ thk, w/AU ctg. 834217-002 YMR-14966
Dichroic Mirror, 2″ diameter x .250″ thick 834217-001 YMR-11471
Dichroic Mirror, .750′ diameter x .375″ thick (right angle) 834216-001 YMR-11662
Focusing Lenses
Focusing Lens, 3.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter 834314-008 contact DLI for p/n
Focusing Lens, 5.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (125mm) 834314-009 YFL-11792 or YFL-12776
Focusing Lens, 8.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (200mm) 834314-015 YFL-14712
Focusing Lens, 10″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (250mm) 834314-016 YFL-11770
Lens Protectors
Lens Protector, 28mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-001 LPR-13954
Lens Protector, 38mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 123412201 LPR-14816
Lens Protector, 41mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-002 LPR-13955
Lens Protector, 54mm dia., 1mm thick, B27, unc. w/tab 123412301 LPR-13808
Lens Protector, 46mm dia., 1mm thick, coated, Pyrex 12210140A LPR-12728
Cooling Components
Deionization Resin M7357060X WFI-10746
Particle Filter 550000101 WFI-10745
Cooling Components
Pump Assembly 480000611/E64Z5380K H20-11172
Pump Impeller n/a H20-11169
Pump Volute n/a H20-11170
Pump Shaft Seal Kit n/a H20-11171
Seals & O-Rings
O-Ring, Pump n/a ORI-11173
O-Ring, Head 16NB26600 ORI-11764