JK702H:  The accommodating laser system for your welding, cutting and drilling applications

JK702H Process Flexibility
The JK702H laser is particularly suited to microwelding, spot welding, or fine cutting and drilling tasks. It has 350 Watts typical power for a wide range of applications, such as:

Depth–and precision–are amplified with the addition of low-divergence resonator optics (optional) that distill laser output into a high-intensity spot, ideal for precision cutting:

Turnkey Machines
The laser can be tailored to an array of standard or customized turnkey multi-axis machining centers. Contact us for details.
NOTE:  Although the JK700 Series are Class IV/4 lasers, when equipped with safety enclosure they meet Class I/1 Safety Standards.





  • Laser Head
  • Pre-aligned Optics
  • Ceramic Reflectors
  • Quick Change Flashlamps
  • High-Speed Process Shutter
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Diagnostics
  • Pulse shaping
  • Single/Multipulse Selection
  • Modular Power Supply
  • Integrated Cooling
  • IP55/NEMA 12 Sealing
  • RS232 Interface
  • Color Coded LD Optics
  • CNC Interface
  • HeNe Laser*1
  • CCD Camera
  • Remote Shutter Control
  • Machining Head
  • Trepanning Head
  • Galvanometer Head
  • Single Fiber
  • Energy Share Fibers
  • Time Share Fibers
  • Combined E-T Fibers
  • Fast Time-Share Fibers

Laser Specifications


Service Requirements



Directed Light Components Cross Reference Data Sheet
GSI Lumonics JK702 Pulsed YAG  
Description OEM P/N DLI P/N
Lamp, JK 702 (Krypton) P55B6770B LMP-10485
Flow Tubes
Flow Tube, Samarium, Rod 12240750A FLT-14785
Flow Tube, Rod, Pyrex 12240300A FLT-14956
Rod, JK 702, 1/4″ x 6-1/4″, unmounted 12250430A ROD-11207
Rod, JK702, 1/4″ x 6-1/4″, Rework n/a ROD-10683
Output Mirror 12220110A YMR-11719
Rear Mirror 12220020A YMR-11718
 #1 Bend Mirror P62B6270A YMR-11788
Mirror, Bend, JK #2, 702H P62B6280A YMR-14464
Dichroic Mirror, 3″ diameter x .375″ thk, w/AU ctg. 834217-002 YMR-14966
Dichroic Mirror, 2″ diameter x .250″ thick 834217-001 YMR-11471
Dichroic Mirror, .750′ diameter x .375″ thick (right angle) 834216-001 YMR-11662
Focusing Lenses
Focusing Lens, 3.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter 834314-008 contact DLI for p/n
Focusing Lens, 5.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (125mm) 834314-009 YFL-11792 or YFL-12776
Focusing Lens, 8.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (200mm) 834314-015/1231011YA YFL-14712
Focusing Lens, 10″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (250mm) 834314-016 YFL-11770
Lens Protectors
Lens Protector, 28mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-001 LPR-13954
Lens Protector, 38mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 123412201 LPR-14816
Lens Protector, 41mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-002 LPR-13955
Lens Protector, 54mm dia., 1mm thick, B27, unc. w/tab 123412301 LPR-13808
Lens Protector, 46mm dia., 1mm thick, coated, Pyrex 12210140A LPR-12728
Cooling Components
Deionization Resin M7357060X WFI-10746
Particle Filter 550000101 WFI-10745
Pump Assembly 480000611/E64Z5380K H20-11172
Cooling Components
Pump Impeller n/a H20-11169
Pump Volute n/a H20-11170
Pump Shaft Seal Kit n/a H20-11171
Seals & O-Rings
Pump, O-Ring n/a ORI-11173
O-Ring, Head 16NB26600 ORI-11764