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Lasag, an industry leader for laser cutting, welding and marking, was founded in 1974.  In 2010, Lasag joined the Rofin-Sinar Group.  This allowed Lasag to become a major global presence, operating as Rofin-Lasag.  A few years later in 2016–a powerful international coalition offering cutting age laser technology and advanced materials processing was firmly established–when Rofin was acquired by the Coherent Group.
Lasag was originally established in Switzerland as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUAG Manufacture for drilling watch stones.  In 1976,

Lasag produced the first pulsed Nd:YAG Laser for welding applications in the electronics industry and over the next few decades established itself in new fields, including medical and aviation.  Significant in laser technology was the 1988 introduction by Lasag of a beam delivery using optical fibers for material processing.  Lasag continued to bring forth innovations in compact laser devices and pulse power-controlled sources for maximum reproducibility of seam and point welding.  In 2003, Lasag launched LightWare™, a cutting edge solution in precision laser welding.  Lasag continued to expand its market, setting up offices in Chicago, Italy, Japan and Germany.  Lasag continued to develop a series of innovative products and processes, and when it merged with the Rofin Group, a new era of compact, maintenance free welding and cutting lasers was launched.  Moreover, the product range of the Lasag processing heads was expanded to include a high-performance triple head able to cut three pieces at once.  It is worth noting that this long-established company can point to products still viable after being used for over two decades.

Rofin-Lasag Data Sheet

Rofin-Lasag Operation Manual

Laser Head Assembly Drawings

Rofin-Lasag 301-302

Rofin-Lasag 400-401

Rofin-Lasag KLS 016, 111, 126, LAK100-101


Lasag BAK-4-a
Rofin-Lasag BAK Beam Delivery



Rofin-Lasag Products

Directed Light Components Cross Reference Data Sheet
Rofin-Lasag Pulsed YAG  
Description OEM P/N DLI P/N
Lasag, SLS200/SLS200C-8-16-32-60/KLS126/246/312/322/522/FLS342/542/352/552/642/652
 Cavity 040/046/102/302/306/307/502  (KOS-2)
Rofin-Lasag Lamps
Lamp, Fine Cut (040 Cavity) 64.0153 LMP-13053
Lamp, Welding (102 Cavity) 64.0323 LMP-11022
Lamp Welding (046/102 Cavity) 64.0579 LMP-11918
Lamp, Cutting/Drilling (102 Cavity) 64.0371 LMP-11551
Lamp, Cutting/Drilling (302 Cavity) 64.0372 LMP-11297
Lamp, Welding (302 Cavity) 64.0552 LMP-13916
Lamp, Welding (306 & 502 Cavity) 64.0551 LMP-12264
Rofin-Lasag Lamp Connection Hardware
Lamp Cable (white) 63.4970 LCH-20120
Lamp Cable (black) 62.0154 LCH-20121
Igintion Wire, 3″ (040/046/102 Cavity) 41.4585 LCH-19995
Ignition Wire, 6″ (302 Cavity) 41.4586 LCH-19876
Ignition Wire,6″ (306/307/502 Cavity) 41.4799 LCH-19872
Lamp Holder, Positive (102/302 Cavity) 31.0720 LCH-20033
Lamp Holder, Negative (102/302 Cavity) 31.0721 LCH-20034
Lamp, Holder, Positive (306/307/502 Cavity) 31.0724 LCH-19665
Lamp, Holder, Negative (306/307/502 Cavity) 31.0725 LCH-19666
Lamp Connector, Positive (102-502, 306 Cavity) 32.1442 LCH-20127
Lamp Connector, Negative (102-502, 306 Cavity) 32.1452 LCH-20128
Rofin-Lasag Flow Tubes
Flow Tube, Lamp (040/046/102 Cavity) 41.7165 FLT-19992
Flow Tube, Lamp (302 Cavity) 41.7166 FLT-19822
Flow Tube, Lamp (306/307/502 Cavity) 41.7167 FLT-19871
Flow Tube, Rod (040/046/102 Cavity) 41.4120 FLT-19991
Flow Tube, Rod (302 Cavity) 41.4119 FLT-19823
Flow Tube, Rod (306/307/502 Cavity) 41.4798 FLT-19663
Rofin-Lasag Rods & Related Hardware
Rod, 4mm x 3″ (040/046 Cavity) 64.0229 ROD-19990
Rod, 1/4″ x3″ (102 Cavity) 64.0110 ROD-14942
Rod, 1/4″ x 6″ (302 & 306/307 Cavity) 64.0112 ROD-13894
Rod, 3/8″ x 6″ (502 Cavity) 64.0265 ROD-20110
Rod, Rework (040/046 Cavity) n/a ROD-10567
Rod, Rework (102/302 & 306 Cavity) n/a ROD-10683
Rod Rework (502 Cavity) n/a ROD-10650
Rofin-Lasag Cavities & Head Blocks
Cavity, 040/046 34.0898 CAV-20129
Cavity, 102 34.0410 CAV-20130
Cavity, 302 34.0411 CAV-20131
Cavity, 306 34.0811 CAV-20132
Cavity, 307 34.1422 CAV-20133
Cavity, 502 34.0412 CAV-20134
Rofin-Lasag Mirrors
Mirror, Front, 60% 44.0007 YMR-19910
Mirror, Front, 65% 44.0076 YMR-20113
Mirror, Front, 90% 44.0632 YMR-20135
Mirror, Rear, HR (flat) 44.0008 YMR-19317
Mirror, Rear, HR (curved) 44.0026 YMR-19975
Mirror, Rear, HR (more curved) 44.0059 YMR-20114
Mirror, Beamsplitter,.6% (HOS) 64.0553 YMR-20136
Mirror, Beamsplitter,2.5% (KOS) 44.0100 YMR-20115
Rofin-Lasag Focusing Lenses
Lens, 100mm FL 24.0104 YFL-18628
Lens, 50mm FL, Triplet 24.0191 YFL-12662
Rofin-Lasag Lens Protectors
Protector Lens, 30mm x 2mm, UNC 64.0176 LPR-11757
Protector Lens,30mm x 2mm,V-Ctd 64.0115 LPR-11760
Protector Lens, 40mm x 2mm, V-Ctd 64.0180 LPR-17600
Protector Lens, 25mm x 4mm, V-Ctd 64.0498 LPR-12791
Protector Lens,30mm x 6mm, V-Ctd 64.0610 LPR-20159
Rofin-Lasag Cooling Components
DI Resin, 128 oz. n/a WFI-11522
Filter, Particle (SLS-C16) 10.0237 WFI-20137
Filter, DI (KLS246/SLS200) 63.5035 WFI-19350
Pump, Lowara, Single Phase 63.5506 H2O-19955
Pump, Speck 63.5494 H2O-19996
Pump, Lowara, 3 Phase 63.5209 H2O-20140
Flow Meter 63.5045 ELC-19998
Flow Meter, R/E (repair/exchange) ELC-20064
Flow Meter, Repair ELC-20065
Rofin-Lasag Nozzles
Nozzle, Graphite, F100, 1mm 10.0015 BMD-12858
Nozzle, Tungsten, F100, 1mm 41.7259 BMD-20117
Nozzle, Tungsten, F50, .5mm 45.2122 BMD-20118
Nozzle, Tungsten, F100, .7mm BMD-20119
Rofin-Lasag O-Rings
Kit, O-Ring (040/046 Cavity) 31.1215 ORI-19985
Kit, O-Ring (102/302 Cavity) 31.0430 ORI-19875
Kit, O-Ring (306/307 Cavity) 31.1128 ORI-19874
Kit, O-Ring (502 Cavity) 31.0432 ORI-19664