JK802:  Industrial Solid-State Nd:YAG Laser Processing System

A New Laser, Focused Squarely on Real Needs:

• Next-generation design for increased reliability and reduced cost of ownership
• Tested in 24/7 production environments
• Unique modulation technique widens process window and increases capability
• 800 W average power/1600 W maximum modulated power
• Remote diagnostic access for increased support efficiency


GSI Lumonics delivers the JK802 laser–a fourth-generation laser system.  When we designed it, we made it as dependable, cost-effective, and easy to use as possible. Applying proven technologies and in-house knowledge from thousands of hours of operating experience, our applications engineers and product managers refined, simplified, and tested this system until we got it just right. This new laser will reduce your project costs over the full life of the laser.

GSI Lumonics’ Patent-Pending Laser Power Modulation Results in More Speed with More Control
Modulation works by momentarily increasing the laser’s output intensity from 800 W to up to 1600 W, enabling precise and powerful welding without heat distortion, cleaner and more controlled cutting of complex shapes, better focus on and processing of reflective materials, and other advantages.

Easy to Use, Easy to Care For
With the JK802, all major components are now prealigned.  Also, remote diagnostics and graphical control interfaces are standard equipment, and new patented fiber-optic designs set new standards in robustness, allowing you to take full advantage of your manufacturing potential through the most uptime that is further enhanced with easier maintenance. The JK802 makes parts – period.

Worldwide Support and Service
Across the globe, our applications engineers develop new solutions that complement evolving application challenges. Their expertise is available to you from the beginning of your project, throughout process development, and beyond sales support. Our service technicians are trained in every aspect of maintenance of troubleshooting.  Parts are stocked locally in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan.



Laser Specifications
• Average laser power: *800 Watts
• Maximum modulated power: 1600 Watts
• Beam quality: 16 mm.mrads
• Laser response time: 1.5 msec.
• Modulation frequency: 100 Hz – 500 Hz
• Output mode: CW, sine or square modulation
 Fiber-Optic Beam Delivery
• Fiber core diameter: 400 microns
• Spot size range: 0.16 mm – 0.9 mm
• Standard fiber lengths: 5 m, 15 m, 30 m and 50 m
• Max. fiber length: 50 m
• Timeshare option: Up to 2-way
• Timeshare switching time: 200 msec.
• Focus head options: straight or right angle
• Process tools including CCTV viewing, welding nozzles, auto focus cutting nozzles and a wide range of special options
Control Technology
• Remote Interface Options:

– Parallel PLC compatible
– Serial interface
– OPC interface, TCP/IP interface
– Analog input/output control
– Shutter interface
– Emergency stop interface

• Man-Machine Interface Options:

– Graphical local or remote interface
– Windows®-based PC
– Multiple part program storage
– Full modulation control
– Data-logging of all laser parameters
– On-board SPC data collection
– Over 1000 parameters monitored
– On board process in view options

Facility Requirements
• Cooling Water:

– Temperature: 10º C – 18 º C
– Max. flow rate: 75 litres/min. (19.8 gal/min.)
– Max. pressure drop: 6.5 bar
– Max. pressure at inlet: 7.5 bar
– Cooling capacity: 38 kW

• Electrical and Connection:

– Voltage/frequency:
380 V to 480 V at 50Hz/60 Hz, +/-10%
– Supply rating: 40 kVA
– Max. power consumption: 38 kW

• Installation:

– Weight: 600kg (1323 lbs)
– W x H x D: 2450 mm x 1105 mm x 610 mm
– Ambient temperature: 5º C – 40 º C

Specifications are subject to change.
Please consult Product Center for complete details.