JK702H: Your 350W laser system
for welding, cutting and drilling

• Offers 350 Watts average power for a wide range of applications
• Optional low divergence resonator optics for concentrated
power, ideal for precision cutting

JK702H Process Flexibility
The JK702H laser is particularly suited to microwelding, spot welding, or fine cutting and drilling tasks. It offers 350 Watts average power for:

● Welding up to 2mm (0.08″) penetration

● Welding with speeds up to 1.5m (60″)/minute

● Cutting up to 4m (160″)/minute


Depth and precision are increased by the addition of low divergence resonator optics (optional) which concentrate laser output into a high intensity spot for:

● Cutting and drilling up to 6mm (0.24″) in depth

● Cutting and drilling with kerf widths or hole diameters down to 50 microns (0.002″)

Turnkey Machines
The laser can also be fitted to a broad range of standard or customized turnkey multi-axis machining centers. Details provided upon request.
NOTE:  The JK700 Series are Class IV/4 lasers–but when supplied complete with safety enclosure–they meet Class I/1 Safety Standards.

Standard Laser Fixtures  Laser Options
■   Laser Head ❑   Color Coded LD Optics
■   Pre-aligned Optics ❑   CNC Interface
■   Ceramic Reflectors ❑   HeNe Laser*¹
■   Quick Change Flashlamps ❑   CCD Camera
■   High Speed Process Shutter ❑   Remote Shutter Control
■   Microprocessor Control ❑   Machining Head
■   Diagnostics ❑   Trepanning Head
■   Pulse shaping ❑   Galvanometer Head
■   Single/Multipulse Selection ❑   Single Fiber
■   Modular Power Supply ❑   Energy Share Fibers
■   Integrated Cooling ❑   Time Share Fibers
■   IP55/NEMA 12 Sealing ❑   Combined E-T Fibers
■   RS232 Interface ❑   Fast Time-Share Fibers
*1 HeNe used for pointing only. Not required for alignment.


Laser Specifications
• Maximum mean power 350W
• Maximum pulse energy 50J
• Maximum peak power 4.5kW
• Pulse width range 0.5 msec to >50 msec
• Repetition rate 0.2 to 500 Hz
Service Requirements
Supply rating 22kVA}

 at maximum rated power


• Maximum power consumption
• 3 phase 3 wire supply with ±6% voltage tolerance
• Range of voltages available
• Water requirements 22 liters (5.9 gals)/min
at 15°C (60°F)
2 bar minimum
differential pressure
6 bar maximum inlet pressure
• Ambient temperature 5-35°C (40-95°F) operating
• Humidity 95% at 15°C (60°F) derated to
32% at 35°C (95°F) Control
• Control Weight 4.4lbs (2kg)
• Laser Weight 88lbs (40kg)
• Power Supply Weight 1320lbs (600kg)
 Specifications are subject to change.
Please consult Product Center for complete details.