JK701H:  Your 550W laser system
for welding, cutting and drilling


JK701H Process Flexibility
The exceptionally wide operating range of the JK701H laser makes it a great fit for processes ranging from microwelding to high-speed cutting and drilling. The JK701H presents 550 Watts average power for:

• Welding up to 2.5mm (0.1″) penetration

• Welding with speeds up to 2.5m (100″)/minute

• Cutting up to 4m (160″)/minute

Moreover, depth and precision are increased by the addition of low divergence resonator optics (optional) that concentrate laser output into a high intensity spot, such as cutting and drilling up to 10mm (0.4″) in depth; and, cutting and drilling with kerf widths or hole diameters down to 100 microns (0.004″).

Turnkey Machines
The laser can be fitted to a range of standard or customized turnkey multi-axis machining centers. Contact your agent for details.  When supplied complete with safety enclosure, the versatile JK700 Series (Class IV/4 lasers) will meet Class I/1 Safety Standards.


Standard Laser Fixtures 

Laser Options

■   Laser Head ❑   Color Coded LD Optics
■   Pre-aligned Optics ❑   CNC Interface
■   Ceramic Reflectors ❑   HeNe Laser*¹
■   Quick Change Flashlamps ❑   CCD Camera
■   High Speed Process Shutter ❑   Remote Shutter Control
■   Microprocessor Control ❑   Machining Head
■   Diagnostics ❑   Trepanning Head
■   Pulse shaping ❑   Galvanometer Head
■   Single/Multipulse Selection ❑   Single Fiber
■   Modular Power Supply ❑   Energy Share Fibers
■   Integrated Cooling ❑   Time Share Fibers
■   IP55/NEMA 12 Sealing ❑   Combined E-T Fibers
■   RS232 Interface ❑   Fast Time-Share Fibers
*1 HeNe used for pointing only. Not required for alignment.


Laser Specifications
• Maximum mean power 550W
• Maximum pulse energy 70J
• Maximum peak power 7.0kW
• Pulse width range 0.5 msec to >50 msec
• Repetition rate 0.2 to 500 Hz
Service Requirements
Supply rating 22kVA}

 at maximum rated power


• Maximum power consumption
• 3 phase 3 wire supply with ±6% voltage tolerance
• Range of voltages available
• Water requirements 26 liters (6.9 gals)/min
at 15°C (60°F)
2 bar minimum
differential pressure
6 bar maximum inlet pressure
• Ambient temperature 5-35°C (40-95°F) operating
• Humidity 95% at 15°C (60°F) derated to
32% at 35°C (95°F) Control
• Control Weight 4.4lbs (2kg)
• Laser Weight 88lbs (40kg)
• Power Supply Weight 1320lbs (600kg)

Specifications are subject to change.

Please consult Product Center for complete details