JK2003SM Nd:YAG Laser with SuperModulation™


JK2003SM is the latest addition to the already successful range of CW Nd:YAG lasers, providing a significantly higher level of performance, enabling deeper weld penetration, faster cleaner material cutting, with high reliability, flexibility and lower process cost. SuperModulation™ is a standard patented process.

SuperModulation™ provides:


The benefits add up.  JK2003SM marks the introduction of the JK flagship CW product, featuring our patented SuperModulation™ process capability giving this laser the widest operating range in its class.  Proven results include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. A redefined and improved price performance of high power CW lasers with Dual Cavity technology
  2. Patented Luminator™ fiber beam delivery system with built-in back reflection damage protection recognized as: “The most robust fiber delivery system in the world”
  3. LaserView SETM control software providing full access to all laser functions and diagnostics and–with process cycle–offers the functionality of a “PLC within the laser”
  4. SuperModulation™ increases the laser’s maximum peak power to twice its normal average power rating



Laser Specifications



Maximum Average Power1 (Watts) 2000W
Maximum Modulated Peak Power1 (Watts) 4000W
Beam Quality2 (mrads) 24
Fiber Diameter (µm) 600
Output modes CW, Sine, Square wave
Modulation Frequency 100 –1000Hz
Fiber Beam Delivery Options
Delivery options Up to 4 way time share
Timeshare switching time <50ms
Standard Fiber lengths
Optional Bendlock for dynamic applications
5,10,15,30 & 50m
Process Tools Options Straight or right angle process tools
Right angle heads available with co-axial CCTV
Standard Range of spot sizes 0.3 – 0.9mm plus others on request
Facility Requirements
Cooling Water requirements 107 L/min, 28.2 US Gal/Min at 13°C
Maximum inlet pressure 7.5 bar
Maximum pressure drop 3 bar
Cooling Requirements (kW) 70kW
Supply voltage & frequencies 380-415V ±10%@ 50Hz
440-480V ±10%@ 60Hz
Ambient Temp  (ºC) 5 – 40°C
W x H x D (mm/inches) 2700 x 1233 x 931/106 x 48.5 x 36.6
Weight (kg) 800
1 Rated at workpiece at end of lamp life
2 Halfangle radius

Specifications are subject to change


Please consult Product Center for complete details