JK 2000
Laser Processing System


JK Series — the top choice
The JK 2000 offers high-speed welding, cutting and surface treatment in most metals, even highly reflective materials such as aluminum.

JK 2000 — an everyday production tool
Compact and sealed to NEMA12/IP55, the JK 2000 is already field proven as an industrial workhorse, working “around-the-clock” in the toughest factory environments. This system provides efficient modular construction facilitates for rapid set-up and easy maintenance.  This system is user friendly.

Classic applications
Automotive industry:  JK 2000 is ideal for on-line applications such as welding the roof to the side panel and welding tailored blanks. High speed welds are produced with good ductility. Precision fiber optic beam delivery simplifies machine design–reducing up-front investment costs.  Other applications include: tube welding for household radiators and other domestic fittings, and welding in the industrial and domestic pump industry. The JK 2000 laser processing system also handles deep section welding for the nuclear industry. Spatter free joints can be produced within seconds reducing the manufacturing costs and scrap rate. The flexible fiber optic cable allows the process to be performed remote from the laser source.
Nuclear industry: The JK 2000 laser processing system expertly manages deep section welding for the nuclear industry. Spatter free joints are produced within seconds (reducing the manufacturing costs and scrap rate). With the flexible fiber optic cable, the process can be performed remotely from the laser source.

Worldwide service and support
GSI Lumonics maintains a network of service and parts facilities around the world. GSI Lumonics field service technicians are trained in every aspect of maintenance and troubleshooting.  Parts are stocked at GSI Lumonics locations in the United States, Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong. Extended warranty and on-site service contracts are available internationally.


Laser Specifications

Max average power 2000 watts
Max peak power 5000 watts
Wavelength 1.064 microns
Output mode CW, gated, sine & square modulation*
Number of flashlamps 8
Process and Control Features
• PC user interface
• 24 volt control interface (PLC interface Optional)
• Cruise control power stabilizer
• Set maximum and minimum power limits
• Up to 10 sets of parameters stored for instant recall
Facility Requirements (water cooling)
Max water inlet temp 20°C (68°F)
Flow rate at max temp 70 liters/min (18.5 US gal/min)
Max inlet pressure 6 bar
Min differential pressure 3.5 bar
Ambient temp 5-40°C (40-104°F)
Fiber Optic Beam Delivery
Fiber core diameter 1000 micron (800 optional)
Spot size range 0.45mm upwards
Standard fiber lengths 5m, 15m, 30m
Long fiber option Up to 50m
Time share option 2 way
Max switching speed 0.25 seconds
Focus head options Straight/right angled
Viewing options CCTV
Other ancillaries Cutting nozzles, auto focus cutting head, cross jet to increase coverslide life when welding
Facility Requirements (electrical)
Voltage/frequency 380-415v/50Hz or 460v/60Hz (factory selected)
Voltage tolerance ± 10%
Supply rating 80 KVA
Max power consumption 70 kW
Physical Characteristics
Weight 700 kg
1541 lbs
*sine and square wave modulation provide high peak powers for welding high reflectivity metals.

Specifications are subject to change.


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