About TRUMPF Group

TRUMPF is a family-owned company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, in the town Ditzingen. The organization owns more than 70 operative subsidiaries, making it one of the largest machine tool providers in the world.  Manufacturing plants are located in several countries, including the US, China, Germany, France, England, Japan, Mexico and many others. Note that the two primary divisions—machine tools and lasers—are managed by TRUMPF GmbH & Co. 

Although the larger arena is the company’s emphasis on machine tools, the other primary focus is laser processing, including laser cutting and welding applications. It is TRUMPF’s success in all areas of laser technology—from cutting and welding to marking and surface finishing–that makes it a key partner for many companies.

TRUMPF offers products for laser systems used for cutting, welding and surface treatments.  The company has also created its own CO2 laser (presented in 1985), known for its high performance.  They round out their portfolio with an array of lasers, including direct diode, ultrashort pulse and marking lasers and marking systems.  Also popular in the TRUMPF line-up is their 3D printing machines (presented in 2015) for metal components.  However, during the last 15 years, TRUMPF has brought two laser processes to an industrial scale.  The methods are laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition and have virtually created a new relevancy of additive manufacturing for industrial use.  The flexibility provided by these methods is what the industry as a whole has needed.  Large industries are now applying these methods, including auto manufacturers and the aviation business.

Costs and manufacturing time have been reduced because laser metal fusion allows parts to be designed for the ultimate in lightweight construction. Weight reduction of over 50 percent are the new reality.  Moreover, engineers are noting that the mechanical properties of the parts actually improve when they develop them on the basis of 3D design principles.

The TRUMPF Group is also fully integrated into the solid-state laser sector via the firm of Haas Laser GmbH, which is fully owned by TRUMPF.  The organization prides itself on the broad range of electronics products available that meet the need of today’s high tech applications.  TRUMPF generators are used to convert electricity into many areas of manufacturing technology, such as heating, plasma applications, and laser excitation. 

The TRUMPF Group has made major strides forward in R&D, including microchip exposure with extreme UV light.  Their progress in 3D printing of metal parts is well known and they lead the industry in today’s innovations in laser technology.

For over 20 years, Directed Light has provided spares, replacement parts and service for our Trumpf laser customers.  Below, is a partial listing of the spares we offer.  Contact us today if you need assistance in determining the parts you need for your laser system.