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Directed Light, Inc.

Directed  Light   Inc.  is  a  fully  equipped   provider  of  laser manufactu ring   applicat ions   and   components.   An   integral asset to biomedical, automotive,  aerospace , communications and  electronics   industries,  Directed  Light’s  Laser  Contract Manufacturing and Component Replacement Services enable a diverse group of customers to receive laser solutions according to specific needs and preferences as well as the technology to keep their product efficient and safe. Founded in 1983, Directed Light Inc. is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose , CA.

The company ‘s main services are divided into two business entities,each providing laser-oriented products and applications to  several  industries.  The  Laser   Contract   Manufacturing unit works closely with customers to ensure quality welding, cutting, drilling and more.These highly technical manufacturing applications are of use to virtually any market that requires proficiency in both  R&D and production, and are particularly important in the medical device sector. The Advanced Technology  • Job Shop contributes to Directed Light’s contract manufacturing operations through 17 state-of-the-art  laser systems from UV 355 nm to Far Infrared CO2 capable of exactness when dealing with a variety of materials.

Directed Light’s Laser Components Sales and Service unit, offer mission-critical replacement parts for lasers utilized by customers in industrial , medical and scientific industries . Through an extensive catalog, quick deliveries, and a keen eye for customer service, Directed Light Inc. has become the nation’s largest  distributor  of  replacement  components  for  industrial Nd:YAG, Disk, Fiber and CO2 lasers. The two separate business units culminate  in a company  prepared  for a manufacturing landscape that is increasingly dependent on the use of laser services and applications . As a whole, Directed Light and the company’s successes illustrate the importance of a vast array of laser technologies and their growing market share across the globe.

An LIA member since 1995, Directed Light has participated in and exhibited at multiple UA conferences and events including ICALEO, PICALO and LME.