JK450HP & JK600HP

What does the new cohort of twin-rod technology lasers offer?

Production tested and confirmed–with significant field-tested enhancements now at work for you
The award-winning JK700 series of Nd:YAG lasers has long been the standard by which all pulsed Nd:YAG laser performance has been measured. In our new generation of TR Technology lasers, the JK-HP Series, GSI Group has combined over three decades of experience in industrial laser manufacturing with superior technologies for the best overall value, dependability, and cost of ownership.

Bridging a gamut of power levels, the JK-HP Series marks the introduction of a number of valuable features–NOW standard–across the JK product line, enabling performance and process efficiencies while reducing operating and integration costs, training, and parts holding requirements for all users. These include such unique JK features like our LaserView™ control technology, enabling complete cycle programming triggered by a single command, with these critical high-performance attributes:

  1. In-process viewing, video capture, and real-time graphical displays of key parameters;
  2. Patented Luminator™ fiber optic beam delivery with back-reflection protection;
  3. Pulse shaping capability for tighter process control;
  4. Faster shutter interface for quicker response on parameter changes and more precise timing in time-share mode; and
  5. Fully integrated time and energy shares for faster switching and reduced maintenance costs.

Backed by GSI Group’s industry-leading applications expertise and worldwide support network, these reliable lasers will work harder than ever for you.

Performance Data Twin Lamp Systems
Model JK600HP JK450HP
Max. Average Power at Laser1 (W) 600 450
Typical Power at Workpiece (W) 500 375
Max. Peak Power1 (kW) 10
Max. Pulse Energy1 (J) 100
Max. Frequency (Hz) 1000
Pulse Width Range  (ms) 0.2 – 20
Pulse to Pulse Stability ± 3%
Shutter Opening Time (ms) <50
Beam Quality2 (mm.mrad) 28 25
Standard Fiber Diameter (µm) 600 400
Standard Fiber Lengths (m) 5, 10, 15, 30, 50
Beam Delivery Options Up to 4T or 3E or 2Tx2E combination
Max. Recollimating Lens Focal Length with 60mm square Output Housing (mm)  



Environmental Data
Cooling Water Requirements @ 15ºC input 20 l/min
5.3 US gal/min
17 l/min
4.5 US gal/min
Cooling Requirement (kW) 15.3 13.7
Max. Pressure Drop (bar min.) 2
Max. Inlet Pressure (bar max.) 6
Electrical Requirements 380-415, 3 phase,
+/- 10% @ 50/60 Hz
Supply Rating (kVA) 24 21
Max. Power Consumption (kW) 15 12
Ambient Temperature (˚C) 5 – 40
Humidity 95%RH at 20ºC, 50%RH at 40ºC
Weight (kg) 444
1. Rated at the resonator at end of lamplife.  2. Halfangle.radius

Specifications are subject to change.

Please consult Product Center for complete details.