JK Series CW Lasers with SuperModulation Models

The JK401, JK501, JK802, JK1002 Lasers

We now offer something better than just CW.  Our customers have gained higher performance welding and cutting, with high reliability and low process cost.  The JK Series lasers are available with a combination of time and energy share modules. Up to six time shares and six-way energy shares are available. In addition, the lasers are offered with our patented Luminator™ fiber-optic beam delivery system. These plug-in pre-aligned (PIPA) fiber optics make allowance for rapid set-up and changeou–without the need for service intervention–and have been devised for long life in uninterruipted robotic or multi-axis applications. Consider these benefits:

GSI Lumonics’ JK Series of continuous wave (CW) Nd:YAG lasers is a product family ranging from 400 to 2000 Watts. Used for fast keyhole welding, efficient metal and silicon cutting, heat treating, and cladding, these lasers have demonstrated unmatched performance. These recognized performers also feature SuperModulation™, an innovative modulation technique that provides improved beam-material interaction for proficient and effective processing–giving them an edge over standard CWlasers.

Having introduced CWlasers in 1992, GSI Lumonics has now designed the third generation of product.  GSI is committed to reducing total life cycle laser costs through innovation. These robust laser systems are the tangible result of thousands of hours of operating experience logged by GSI’s team of dedicated process engineers and application managers.

Better than just CW, SuperModulation™ is a patent-pending technique in which some energy is stored in the laser’s power supply during the laser’s off-time or during a low average power cycle, and then is delivered to the lasing medium during a later time or during a high average power cycle. This produces a momentary output power that is up to 2X higher than that of the laser’s mean power rating for:

  1. More precise, higher penetration welding with less heat distortion and without compromising speed
  2. Cleaner, more controlled cutting of complex shapes
  3. Greater depth of focus
  4. Significantly improved processing of reflective materials

SuperModulation™ offers the speed of CWlaser processing with the control of a pulsed laser. Process engineers can control such factors as:  weld penetration, heat effected zones, cooling rates, kerf quality, cornering speeds, and burnback; thus, users gain more control,  improving performance, and getting optimal efficiency from their laser processing system.

Control Technology
Man-Machine Interface Options include a graphical user interface and a remote interface option:

Graphical user interface, local/remote on touchscreen Windows-based PC with additional features including:

Note:  There is a Control Software for GUI option with additional safety hardware for customer integration.

Remote Interface Options for Machine Integration:


Process Tools for Versatility
GSI Lumonics offers a broad array of process tools, such as:

We invite you to contact your local GSI Lumonics agent to discuss your specific requirements.


Laser Specifications


JK501 JK802


Average Power* (W)


500 800


Maximum Modulated Peak Power (W)  







Number of Lamps



Beam Quality 1/2 Angle-Radius (mm.mrad)  







Laser Response Time (ms)


Modulation Frequency (Hz)

100 – 1000

Output Mode

CW, sine or square modulation

Standard Compliance

CE, CDRH, Sealed to IP55/NEMA 12

Fiber-Optic Beam Delivery
Fiber Core Diameter (µm)


600 400


Standard Spot Size (nominal) (mm)


0.30–0.90 0.16–0.60


Standard Fiber Lengths (m)

5, 10, 15, 30, 50

Maximum Fiber Length (m)


Energy Share Option

Up to 6 ways

Timeshare Option

Up to 6 ways

Timeshare Switching Time (msec)


Focus Head Options

Straight or right angle

Process Tool Options

CCTV viewing, welding nozzles, autofocus cutting modules and a range of special options

Facility Requirements
Cooling water temperature and flowrate

10 – 18˚ (typically 33 l/min at 15˚ C, 43 l/min at 18˚ C)

10 – 18˚ (typically 55 l/min at 15˚ C, 75 l/min at 18˚ C)

Maximum Pressure Drop at 18˚ C

2.5 bar

6.5 bar

Maximum Inlet Pressure

7.5 bar

Cooling Capacity (kW)



Electrical (Discrete Tappings on Auxiliary Transformer)

380/400/415V +/-10% @ 50 Hz

460/480V +/-10% @ 60 Hz

Supply Rating (kVA)



Maximum Power Consumption (kW)



Ambient Temperature (˚C)

5 – 40

W x H x D (mm)

1600 x 1264 x 820

2200 x 1264 x 820

Weight (kg



Maximum Humidity

95% RH at 20˚ C, 50% RH at 40˚ C

*At workpiece at end of lamp life.
Specifications are subject to change. Please consult Product Center for complete details.