JK Lasers LogoLuxStar LX-30 Laser Welding System

Advantages of laser welding over conventional techniques:
• decreased distortion
• single-sided welding access
• no mechanical forces applied to the workpiece
• no tool wear yielding consistent weld penetration

LuxStar lasers have been developed to address the full scope of precision spot welding applications, serving the electronics, medical, automotive and fine mechanics markets.

Mid-energy models in the LuxStar portfolio include the LX-30. Options include energy share with either internal or external time share beam delivery systems to obtain welds at multiple locations. The LX-30 model has a WeldPerfect control that engages fully-automated control of the laser output–resulting in high stability–consequently providing consistency in the welding process. The laser pulse parameters are programmed in kilowatts for peak power (and milliseconds for pulse duration). These can be set using an RS232 interface or simply using the front panel control.

Why the LX-30?

• 30J 100Hz 50W
• Reproducible output for consistent weld penetration
• Easy to operate
• Pre-aligned optics
• Automatic compensation for lamp aging

Service and Support

Directed Light offers a network of service with expertise in GSI, JK Lasers and Lasag to name a few. A full complement of spare parts is available.  Directed Light prides itself on unmatched rapid response to fill your service needs. Their professional field service engineers are trained in LuxStar system maintenance as well as troubleshooting. Directed Light also offers a full line of custom service/maintenance agreements.  We will never approach your business with a one size fits all contract.  Directed Light is dedicated to creating personalized service for you.


Laser Performance:  
Maximum average power 50 watts
Maximum peak power 3kW
Pulse duration 0.5 to 20 msec
Main pulse duration 0.5 to 10 msec
Pre-pulse duration 0 to 10 msec
Maximum pulse energy 30 Joules*
Maximum pulse rate 100Hz
Ramp time (for seam weld) 0 to 10 secs
Beam Delivery:  
Standard fiber lengths Link fibers 5, 10, 15m (15, 30, 45ft).Output fibers 2, 5, 10m (6, 15, 30ft)
Focus head dimensions 25, 30 and 57mm (.98, 1.18, 2.24 in). Straight or right-angled twin spot and other special focus heads available on request
Laser spot sizes 0.2mm (0.008 in) to 1.2mm (0.047 in) (0.12mm (0.005 in) on request)
Viewing options Pointing diode/monocular viewer/CCTV (right angled focus head only)
Time-share options Internal time-share (ITS): 2 way or External time share: 2, 3, 4 way Switching time: 0.5 sec
Energy-share options 2, 3, 4 way with continuously variable share ratio – resolution and repeatability ±1%
Environmental conditions 5° – 40°C (41° – 104°F) ambient. 97% RH up to 35°C (95°F) falling to 88% at 40°C (104°F)
Mains voltage Single phase 200, 208, 220, 230, 240 volts ± 10% continuous.Wider variations for short periods in accordance with IEC 204
Electrical supply 6kVA
Mains frequency 50Hz, 60Hz ± 4%
External coolant Water at 5°C (41°F) min to 20°C (68°F) max, 6 bar max, 2 bar differential pressure 5l/min flow rate. Maximum heat dissipation 5.5kw


Directed Light Components Cross Reference Data Sheet
GSI Lumonics Luxstar Pulsed YAG  
Description OEM P/N DLI P/N
Lamp (Standard), Luxstar P61R4980X LMP-11421
Lamp (Low Power), Luxstar P61Y6980X LMP-12560
Focusing Lenses
Focusing Lens, 3.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter 834314-008 contact DLI for p/n
Focusing Lens, 5.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (125mm) 834314-009 YFL-11792 orYFL-12776
Focusing Lens, 8.0″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (200mm) 834314-015 YFL-14712
Focusing Lens, 10″ FL, 1.0″ diameter (250mm) 834314-016 YFL-11770
Lens Protectors
Lens Protector, 28mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-001 LPR-13954
Lens Protector, 38mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 123412201 LPR-14816
Lens Protector, 41mm dia., 1mm thick, B270, uncoated 834316-002 LPR-13955
Lens Protector, 54mm dia., 1mm thick, B27, unc. w/tab 123412301 LPR-13808
Lens Protector, 54mm dia., 1mm thick, V-Coat 1234123YA LPR-14808
Lens Protector, 46mm dia., 1mm thick, coated, Pyrex 12210140A LPR-12728
Lens Protector, .939″dia, .045″, unc. W/hold P59R3130X LPR-13918
Cooling Components
Deionization Filter 55X17750P WFI-11796