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Nd:YAG Lasers for Industrial Applications

The JK range is the complete solution
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GSI Industrial Lasers For Next Generation Materials Processing

  • Designing & manufacturing industrial lasers for +30 years
  • 1985: Launches first genuine industrial pulsed Nd:YAG laser, which becomes benchmark for industrial lasers
  • Today’s JK range of Pulsed and Continuous Wave (CW) ND:YAG lasers offers exceptional standards for ruggedness, ease of use and leading class performance
  • Designed to maximize welding, cutting and drilling
  • Offers class leading resonator and power supply designs
  • Provides unique patented beam delivery and intuitive software


What we provide:

  • JK Nd:YAG lasers power range from 100W to 600W average power for pulsed operation & 400W to 2000W for CW operation
  • Lasers in the pulsed range capable of pulse durations from 15µs to >20ms, peak powers up to 18kW and pulse energies up to 100J (ideal for the complete range of laser processing applications)
  • Beyond the normal capacity, the CW range has the patented SuperModulation™ capability unique to the JK laser range, allowing the laser to run in a modulated mode up to 2X maximum average power–producing faster, deeper welds with lower porosity than lasers of the same average power used in the conventional CW operation


Additional benefits:

All JK range lasers benefit from the same high-speed interface allowing on the fly changes of parameter sets.   A tested and proven graphical user interface (GUI) acts as the key functional enabler allowing complex tasks to be programmed in a simple yet effective way.

The GUI facilitates class leading performance when networked to other forms of beam delivery (and work handling such as scanners and robots).  All lasers are delivered using the Luminator™ range of Plug-In Pre-Aligned (PIPA) fibers with patented back reflection protection built in, which then link to an all-inclusive complement of process tools.



Industrial Tools For Every Application

Process Tools:

The JK laser comes complete with an array of processing tools designed specifically for precise cutting and welding applications. The optical delivery train is designed to ensure long-term maintenance-free operation for demanding applications.

Options include:

  1. Wide range of diffraction limited focusing optics for optimum performance
  2. Choice of 40mm or 60mm diameter optic focus heads
  3. Co-axial assist gas delivery system
  4. Straight and right angle focus heads with a range of cover glasses, air knives and process gas options
  5. CCTV viewing options for static and robotic applications
  6. Through-the-lens (TTL) illumination
  7. Sealing to industrial standard IP54 for work in the most demanding conditions
  8. Cutting nozzles route utilities through the focus head, for reduced damage in dynamic applications

Luminator™ PIPA Fiber Delivery

The Luminator™ fiber-optic delivery system provides reliability, high performance, and ease of use to industrial laser users. The systems patented terminations, closed-loop feedback and flexible design provide users with a significant reduction in the cost of ownership.

  • Multistation processing enabled by energy/time share units integrated into laser system
  • Plug-In Pre-Aligned (PIPA) coupling eliminates manual fiber alignment, rigorously reducing fiber change time requirements from hours to minutes
  • Patented termination design eliminates back reflection problems when welding highly reflective materials
  • Integral fiber monitoring system and optional bend lock designed specifically for robotic applications

Scanner Based Beam Delivery

  • High speed, high precision repeatable seam and spot welding
  • Variable spot size and fixed spot size modular options
  • Wide range of spot sizes
  • Operational scanning fields up to 150mm x 150mm
  • Various configurations available:  Single head, twin head, 2D and 3D (variable spot size)
  • Pre-emptive laser control with self-optimization that provides maximum process speed under all scanning conditions


LaserView SE™ Simplifies Integration

LaserView SE™
The JK LaserView SE™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides a comprehensive range of software tools and features to get the most out of the lamp pumped CW and Pulsed range of JK lasers and to interface with other Windows applications. LaserView SE™ is a suite of software components designed to enable easy integration into customer applications.

  • Automatically detects a connected laser and self-configures support to all pulsed and CW lasers in the JK lamp pumped range
  • Important:  This common interface reduces operator training requirements
  • Windows-style application presenting familiar layout, file management and dialogues
  • Full monitoring and control of all laser system parameters
  • Simulation mode for offline operator training
  • Four password protected operator access levels
  • Easy programming of multi-sector pulse shapes
  • Maintenance functions and automatic maintenance prompts
  • Full alarm and warning logging with history and comprehensive diagnostic help
  • Integrated process vision feature obviates the need for an external CRT and cross hair generator
  • Process images may be taken, stored and printed
  • Fast machine interface for on-the-fly synchronization
  • Process cycles feature allows complex laser process sequences to be easily created and then run from a single button push
  • Active real-time power control provides pulse-to-pulse stability down to +/- 0.5%
  • Pulse on demand feature ensures high stability from cold start
  • ActiveX component exposes all of the properties, methods, and events that allows a user to create their own user interface or embed laser controls into their own software
  • Available with any programming language including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi including using VBA from a Word document
  • Pulsed laser stability monitoring and control
  • Modem and network connections available for remote diagnostics and control
  • External machine interface I/O status display


LaserView SE™ ScanHead User Interface (SHUI)

  • LaserView SE™ fully integrated intuitive user interface
  • Seamless programmability of scanner and laser parameters via a single operational screen
  • Scan head tracking allows real time adjustment of processing features
  • Eliminates the need to purchase 3rd party scan head software


Leading Edge Applications Processing

Laser Welding

The JK range of lasers is capable of joining similar and dissimilar materials, using either conduction or keyhole based weld modes. The pulsed JK lasers are ideal in achieving the required processing rate at a heat input low enough not to damage the components when working with elements that have metallurgical constraints on heat input or when there are heat sensitive components nearby, such as glass-to-metal seals or o-rings.

For higher speed operation, JK SuperModulated™ CW lasers can produce faster welds with no increase in heat input over conventional CW lasers. 

SuperModulation™ improves the welding speed or penetration by up to 40% when compared to CW-only operation, as well as reducing weld porosity.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is primarily a thermal process, in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localized area. A co-axial gas jet is used to eject the molten material from the cut and leave a clean edge.  At GSI Lasers, our JK range addresses a wide variety of laser cutting applications.

Laser cutting makes it possible to cut very fine features in a range of materials including ceramics and semiconductor materials. High average power CW Nd: YAG lasers are suitable for cutting thicker sections in metals, e.g. hydroformed tubing.

Laser Drilling

Lasers make it possible to machine very small holes, unusually shaped holes, blind holes, and precisely tapered holes. Laser drilling is used to drill holes at steep angles, and to process difficult-to-machine materials.

Typical applications include:

  • Vehicle Transmission – air bleed hole
  • Power train – oil hole in clutch plate
  • Oil holes in ABS sensors
  • Rocker arm oil holes
  • Aerospace engine component cooling holes for:  blades, vanes, combustors

Heat Treatment

Laser heat treatment and surface modification are the key technologies available today to enhance the effective use of materials to achieve the desired properties of the components used in a range of industries. GSI’s high power JK SuperModulated™ lasers can be used for heat treatment and surface modification.

GSI’s high power JK SuperModulated™ lasers can be used for heat treatment and surface modification.

In-Depth Applications Support

GSI Lasers relationship with its customers is based on more than just the specifications of its products. It can develop the best process for your application and help you get the most out of your laser.

The relationship starts at the earliest stages of a new project and continues throughout the life of the equipment. Our state-of-the-art applications laboratories in Rugby and Suzhou are equipped with the very latest in work handling allowing us to demonstrate processing performance to a production level standard.

Facilities also include a comprehensive metallurgical test capability where material processing performance can be scientifically analyzed and demonstrated.



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