JK300D: Introduction of the first fiber delivered 300W Nd:YAG drilling laser within the JK product range

JK300D is the latest item in the winning series of JK pulsed Nd:YAG lasers.  The JK300D offers a leading level of peak power in its class for percussion drilling as well as trepanning for a variety of automotive and aerospace components–delivered through a 300µm LuminatorTM fiber.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • First pulsed high peak power Nd:YAG fiber delivered 300W drilling laser
  • Optical fiber provides homogenised power distribution giving a virtually flat top-hat profile and dimensionally round holes
  • Faster control interfaces and complete cycle programming triggered by a single command through our unique LaserViewTM control technology
  • Built-in back reflection protection with our patented Luminator™ plug-and-play fiber optic delivery system makes the fibers virtually indestructable
  • Tighter process control and reduced costs with our ‘pulse shaping’ feature via our patented switch-mode power supply
  • Fully integrated time and energy-share options

Proven Production–, with important new field-tested enhancements

Considered a benchmark in the industry, the award-winning JK700 series of Nd:YAG lasers has been used to measure pulsed Nd:YAG laser performance.  In our latest release of the JK300D drilling laser, GSI Group has brought together more than three decades of expertise in industrial laser manufacturing using superior technologies.  Customers are guaranteed:  1) the best overall value, 2) unsurpassed dependability, and 3) tangible savings in cost of ownership of pulsed lasers.  This drilling laser’s top power performance has been increased to 16kW providing ample energy to percussion-drill a wide array of both automotive and aerospace components.

Our Luminator™ fiber further enhances the drilled hole by unifying the power distribution–producing a virtually flat top-hat profile with dimensionally round holes and the preferred minimal recast layer. The JK 300D preserves the distinctive JK features via LaserView™ control technology, single-command cycle programming, and patented Luminator™ fiber optic beam delivery (with back-reflection protection). Additional process benefits come from pulse shaping capability. including:

  • Tighter process control
  • Faster shutter interface for quicker response on parameter changes and more precise timing in time-share mode
  • Fully integrated time and energy shares for faster switching
  • Reduced maintenance costs


Performance Data


Max Average Power at Laser1 (W)

Typical Power at Workpiece (W)

Max Peak Power1 (kW)

Max Pulse Energy1 (J)

Max Frequency

Max Width Range (ms)

Pulse to Pulse Stability

Shutter Opening Time (ms)

Beam Quality2 (mm.mrad)

Standard Fiber Diameter (µm)

Standard Fiber Lengths (m)

Beam Delivery Options

Max recollimating lens Focal Length
With 60mm square output housing (mm)
With 40mm square output housing (mm)

Twin Lamp







0.2 – 5

± 3%




5, 10, 15, 30

Up to 4T or 3E or 2Tx2E combination

Environmental Data

Cooling Water Requirements @ 15°C input

Cooling Requirement (kW)

Max Pressure Drop (per min)

Max Inlet Pressure (per min)

Electrical Requirements

Supply Rating (kWA)

Max Power Consumption (kW)

Ambient Temperature (°C)


Weight (kg)


22 l/min, 5.8 US gal/min




350-415 V ±10% at 50/60 Hz




95% RH@20°C, 50%RH@40°C